Practice what you pray

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By The Staff

Gov. Steve Beshear proclaimed May 1 as "Day of Prayer in Kentucky."

Thank you, Governor. If I may, here is a prayer for the most innocent among us:

"Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America."

It's a simple prayer and easy to commit to memory. More information about this prayer can be found at www.bound4life.com. Biomedical discoveries continue to help us understand that, from conception, the life inside a mother's womb is an individual life, separate yet dependent upon his or her mom.

I'm not sure how Gov. Beshear reconciles his call to prayer with the presidential and other candidates who typically run within his party.

Sen. Barack Obama, for instance, has fought against pro-life legislation to the point, as an Illinois legislator, he did not want a baby born in a botched abortion to be defined as a human being.

Sen. Hillary Clinton is pro-abortion and her husband former President Bill Clinton vetoed Republican efforts to outlaw "partial birth abortion" numerous times. His appointed judges in the 9th Circuit Court ruled the ban on "partial birth abortions," signed President Bush, as unconstitutional. Fortunately the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the ban does not violate the constitution, the dissent was written by Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Clinton nominee).

While prayer is important, obviously thoughtful application of God's word in our voting is extremely important as well. Especially for the office of president and any other elected office where politicians may support party politics over principled conviction.

I encourage all to be mindful of the thousands of babies being murdered every day with government approval. We have our own holocaust going on quietly behind closed doors where more than 50 million babies have been murdered in America since 1973. We need to do more, prayer and a change of our hearts is a good place to start.

Jeff Farmer

Elizabethtown, Ky.