A potpourri of opinion

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By Berry

The last two letters from Amy Williams and Betty Amos really hit the nail on the head.

Our lovely little town has a terrible administration. One got her job with a flip of the coin. Besides that, [Judge/Executive] Eddie Rogers is following the path of [former judge/executive] Paul Patton.

I am a Democrat and so is Rogers. I am really disappointed in him.

Now they have us in a debt, our children and their children with a dog walk, skateboard park and a jail. Millions of dollars. And now no smoking.

They are trying to be the ruler of our City. They are like a dictator. They will eventually tell our businesses what they can and can't do.

I wrote a letter in 2003 that the Republicans were running our country. If the people stick together in 2008 and do some impeaching, including in Campbellsville. If we just lean back, they'll payroll tax all our workers.

The only one I like is Mark Carney, a Republican.

The magistrates, if they don't want to attend a meeting, fine. But don't expect to get paid for the meeting.

Remember, don't just sit there. Spring into action. Let your voice be heard. We are the middle class. Just the rich and the wealthy kick us around like slaves.

We really should hold a rally against the occupational tax and get our City government on the ball and do what we should. We are the employers and they are the employees. We pay the wages. Several people have requested that the Central Kentucky News-Journal print their pay.

All of that smoke. Smoke if you like, because many, many drink alcoholic drinks, plus all kinds of dope. The ones who use dope and/or alcohol are very dangerous on the highway.

That's all I have to say. More than likely you will never print this letter, you never do.

Henry W. Berry