Poor customer service is too common

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By The Staff

In response to the "Poor customer service" letter in the Sept. 18 issue, I'm sure I know what establishment she is talking about. I, too, spend a lot of money at this establishment.

Recently, I had an incident that required me to wait 35-40 minutes for a tax-exempt number for a purchase for my church. The employee who was supposed to be helping me went on break while I was standing in the checkout line. When I called management later to complain, she apologized, but said the employee wasn't feeling well and the store was short-handed that day. I'm sorry, but the employee could have asked someone else to help me.

I always put myself in others' shoes. I think how things would affect me if I were in their shoes.

I wanted to let the lady who wrote the letter know that she's not alone in experiencing problems with customer service.

Alene Gilpin

Elk Horn