Poor customer service these days

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By The Staff

I left a local store this morning very frustrated. I spend between $100 and $200 a week at the local establishment. In today's economy, we have to cut costs where we can and the prices at that particular establishment can't be beat.

I had about 100 items and when I went to check out, there were no checkers to check my groceries. I asked and they said I could use the self-checkers. Well, I will use the self-checkers when I have a few items, but with my large purchase I didn't want to use the self-checker. The only aisle that was open was the tobacco aisle and those for 15 or less items.

I went ahead and self-checked my items but then had nowhere to put the items that had been priced so I placed them in the floor. My stack went over the center of the main aisle. The person monitoring the self-checkers didn't care nor did she offer any help, either by getting an extra cart to put the groceries in or offering her assistance.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also have two daughters who are into stuff and running around asking for quarters for the game machines. (Any mother knows shopping is stressful; adding children to the equation compounds the experience.)

After I finished the process of checking out and paying, I left and called the management to let them know of my experience. Although very nice and trying to defuse the angry customer, he said he had never heard of anyone with the complaint of no one helping.

I told him this isn't a new problem. It has been ongoing and seems to be getting worse. The checkers will not help you with your groceries. They stand in front of their registers, scanning and bagging. They will not help you load the groceries and refuse to leave the comfort of their 3X3 mat.

I know that I cannot be the only person experiencing the same treatment. If there is a problem, I urge you to let management know. The manager said if he doesn't know about a problem, he cannot fix it.

Terri Miller