Political talk heats up

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By Calen McKinney


Politics aren't for everyone, I know.

But politics impact all of us, and Taylor County residents have a chance to be the change they want to see in the local political scene.

Next May, Taylor Countians will go to the polls and select the candidates they want to face off in the November primary election.

Next year, we will select a mayor and judge/executive, our sheriff and jailer, magistrates and city council members, our district and circuit court judges and state representative and senator, among other officials.

And hopefully we will have some good candidates step forward and put their name in the pool for votes.

Many of our current officials have filed for re-election. That's great. They have done a good job, I think we can agree, to move our county forward in the past four years. The decision we must make now is, do they deserve four more years in office?

To those who don't think so, I encourage you to either file for office, or at least cast your vote during the next primary election. As the saying goes, every vote does count.

There have been a few newcomers file for office already, and, at the time I write these words, it's still a bit early in the election filing process.

The deadline to file to become a candidate is Jan. 28. So that means you have a few more weeks to think about whether you want to dive into politics.

I hear people complain pretty often about this vote at the school board meeting, this discussion amongst magistrates or why the city council took that action. Well, here's the time to do something about that. Plainly put, if you don't like how your community is operating, try to do something about it. It starts with becoming a candidate.

I will do my part by writing stories to help our readers understand what the candidates stand for and what they will do to help our community.

The News-Journal will feature stories about those running for office next year as the May primary election nears, and we will publish a list of candidates to show readers those who have put their name in the hat.

I'm already hearing some buzz about the newcomers and what races should prove to be exciting next election year.

Let's hope this upcoming political season sees some newcomer candidates, good debate and, above all, good sportsmanship.

As a community, we are all in this together. Let's choose who will best represent us and keep us moving forward.

For more information about how to become a candidate, call Taylor County Clerk Mark Carney's office at 465-6677.