Payroll taxes good for employee raises

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I was glad to hear that city and county employees will receive their raises next year. If they hadn’t, I would have been curious as to why not, as I am paying not one, but two payroll taxes, to the city and county. I would have wondered where all the money was going.

I have not had a raise in three years, and I have friends who haven’t (had one) in four or more. It’s a tough economy, you know, and I certainly appreciate the city and county employees who serve us so well. So all those who are blessed to get pay raises should be thankful.

And perhaps, while you’re thanking your city and county bosses, you might try to convince them to get along a little better so maybe people like me could eventually go back to only one shared payroll tax. That, indeed, would be a nice raise for me.

Angie Freeman