Parents are the role models

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board

Parents are getting arrested at Rowan County schools for unruly behavior. Apparently, many there don't believe in setting a positive example for their children.

A recent article on www.lex18.com about the issue was brought to our attention by Taylor County Superintendent Roger Cook in an e-mail earlier this week.

Cook, in his e-mail, complimented the parents in his school district, but it brought to light that this is an issue in some Kentucky schools.

It was disturbing to learn that five disruptive parents in Rowan County pre-kindergarten to high school were arrested last year for losing their cool with teachers or administrators. The alarming fact is not necessarily that the parents were arrested, but that they were acting in a manner that caused the local authorities to be contacted.

What has occurred in Rowan County is out of the ordinary, and even Kentucky School Board Association officials admit that it is unusual.

But the whole point is that we, as parents, should try our best to be role models for our children and teach our children to respect authority. Parents interact with school officials in classrooms, at school offices, at sporting events or at other extracurricular activities.

What are parents teaching children by this type of negative behavior? How do children feel when their parents act in this manner? Are they ashamed?

When we have a matter to discuss with a school official or teacher, the first step would be making an appointment that works best for everyone's schedules. Then both parents and teachers should act respectfully and professionally.

Also remember that civility will take us further toward a solution than jail time and/or a fine.