Our students need your help

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

We all know that kids do better in school when they also have hands-on activities that correlate with their studies. That's why we need your help.

Each year, the News-Journal sponsors a Newspapers in Education project. Through this effort we call the "NIE" program, we supply copies of each Monday and Thursday newspaper to teachers who request them at local schools.

This year, we have more than ever - 877 students in 43 classrooms.

Here's how it works.

We provide the newspapers to the teachers each week at a very low cost - 18 cents per issue. (That's compared to the newsstand price of 50 cents per issue.) That's a total of $12.96 per student for the entire school year.

And this is where we need your help.

Would you be willing to sponsor a student? Or even an entire classroom?

Teachers say using the newspaper in their classrooms provides students with examples of how they can apply reading, thinking and writing skills. Educators also say that NIE is a real world connection that is motivating and adds real-life dimension to the classroom. Teachers can use the newspapers for many subjects - from science and math to English and social studies.

Besides these special learning opportunities created by the newspaper, teachers can use the newspaper to teach their students current events, economics, math skills and more.

NIE is possible through partnerships with local businesses and individuals. This valuable learning resource exists only because of the generous support of our community.

Rose Rainwater, the News-Journal's circulation manager, is working hard to find enough sponsors to provide NIE to all the teachers who have requested it.

And we're asking for the community to join us in celebrating literacy and the future of our children. With donations from local businesses and individuals, we can continue to supply newspapers to your daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

The NIE project may be the biggest way the News-Journal strives to include and interest children in the newspaper, but there are several others throughout the year. We also sponsor various contests in which students can participate.

One of those is coming up soon.

A "thanksgiving" contest is in the planning stages now. We want readers to tell us what they are most thankful for.

The contest is for children, teenagers and adults, with local businesses providing some great prizes for the winners. More details will be available soon.

In the newspaper business, words are our livelihood. We put them together in what we hope are informative, coherent sentences to tell readers what they need and want to know, whether it's what action the City Council took at its last meeting, which stores have great weekend sales planned, or which students made the honor roll last semester.

We all depend on words every single day.

That's why we focus on children through our Newspapers In Education project each year. They truly are our future. They may be children today, but they will be our leaders of tomorrow.

The NIE project is a worldwide initiative that promotes the use of newspapers in the classroom. We strive to bring the newspaper and the community together, providing an educational opportunity for every age.

What better way to do that than through the schools?

For more information on NIE, contact News-Journal Circulation Manager Rose Rainwater at 465-8111. Ask her what you can do to help.