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By The Staff

Practice makes perfect. It may be an old saying, but there's a lot of truth there.

And if we practice something enough, then maybe when it comes time to do it for real, we won't have to think about how to do it, it will just come naturally.

That's the premise behind the fire department's annual Fire Prevention Week activities.

From preschool age on, children learn the phrase, "Stop, drop and roll." Ask any kid you see - they know what it means as well as how and when to do it.

And a new federal grant is making it even easier for firefighters to teach students and others to be safe in the event of a fire. The $57,000 Homeland Security grant bought a trailer that is able to mimic house fires by heating doors and producing fake smoke. And, as an added bonus, when it's not being used for education and training exercises, the trailer can serve as an emergency command post.

Most kids learn better with hands-on activities, and the prevention week activities are full of that - in addition to "Stop, drop and roll," students learn to feel doors for heat, place towels under doors to prevent smoke from entering a room, test smoke detectors, use fire extinguishers and more.

And, firefighters say, it doesn't hurt the rest of us to have an emergency escape plan in place in the event of a fire at our home or business.

Practice really does make perfect.