Orthodyne photo contest winners announced

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Orthodyne Physical Therapy hosted a Fourth of July amateur photo contest. Entries were judged in the following categories - scenic, people, patriotic, miscellaneous and animal.

First place won an engraved wooden picture frame and a $64 cash award. Second place received $20 and a ribbon and third place received $10 and a ribbon.

Winners are as follows:

  •  Scenic - Scott Gwinn, first place; Allena Cox, second place and Scott Gwinn, third place.
  •  People - Brian Cowherd, first place; Geoff McPherson, second place and Jennifer Thompson, third place.
  •  Patriotic - Geoff McPherson, first place; Scott Gwinn, second place and Deb Roberts, third place.
  •  Miscellaneous - Mike Haden, first place; Lisa Buck, second place and Hannah Brockman, third place.
  •  Animal - Geoff McPherson, first place and Scott Gwinn, second and third place.