Opposition to President's speech ridiculous

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By The Staff

We're having trouble getting it. On today's Opinion page, you will see the remarks made by President Barack Obama to American's schoolchildren on Tuesday.

He talks about responsibility to one's self, the importance of education, hard work, opportunities, responding to challenges, commitment, success, strength and courage.

Why would anyone object to a child hearing such words of encouragement?

Why is this speech being made such a big deal? What are we afraid of? Surely no one believes such a speech is being made to brainwash our children or even that it would contain some sort of evil subliminal message?

That's nothing more than paranoia and ridiculousness.

It doesn't matter whether he is Democrat or Republican, black or white, purple or green ... he is OUR president. How can we consider our own president a threat when we voted for him?

We don't have to like him, but as our president he deserves our loyalty, our support and our respect.

As parents, we send our children to school each day, with faith in their teachers and school administrators to make the best decisions possible on their behalf. It's a shame that schools had to offer parents an "opt out."

It's a fact that children don't always listen to their parents, no matter how much we might like to think otherwise. But maybe, just maybe, someone famous, someone who is looked at as a role model, would be able to make that difference.

There is absolutely nothing derogatory in Obama's speech. In fact, we can only hope that at least a few of the children hearing it actually listened.