Officials represent all of us

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With several meetings already, two more this week and others planned in the coming days, local officials obviously believe rescue and E-911 services are important.

Taylor Fiscal Court discussed the issue Tuesday night, Campbellsville City Council has a special meeting planned this evening, and a combined committee will meet for the second time next Tuesday.

The expected result of all these meetings is a fair and equitable way to fund rescue and E-911 services for residents in the community.

We truly believe our officials are trying to work issues out so that all residents are provided the services they have come to rely on.

But what are residents in the community saying?

Do the officials you elected know how you feel about the issue? Have you bothered to tell them?

If residents care about Rescue and E-911 - and they SHOULD care - they should show up at these meetings and let magistrates and Council members know. Be proactive rather than reactive.

If officials make a decision that you don't agree with, and you've never bothered to tell them your opinion, well, don't waste your breath complaining after the fact.

This is OUR community. And it's up to all of us to see that those we elected to represent us do just that.