Nope, didn't hang out with the President

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By James Roberts

As a matter of full disclosure, let me first say that I’m not a big fan of traveling. Sitting in a car for more than a couple of hours makes my back ache severely, killing the potential for any fun that I might have at my destination.

With that said, I just came back to work after spending a week laying on the beach, shopping, dining out, going to the movies and generally spending more money than I should have. And I did it all right here in Taylor County.

Most of my “staycations” involve me sitting on the couch and watching TV. Occasionally, I’ll switch things and lie on the couch and watch TV. That’s only when I feeling bold. I’m on vacation. I don’t want to overdo it.

This time around, at my wife’s insistence, my couch potato roots would not have a chance to take hold. During my week off, we spent only one day inside the comforts of our home. My TV was pretty upset with me. It was lonely.

We spent four or five afternoons baking in the sun at Green River Lake. I read or listened to the waves crash against the rocks while Abby sunbathed. The first day at the lake, I often wondered what was on TV. By the second day, I could care less.

We ate out a few times, my evil plan to avoid having to help wash dishes. We went to four movies.

I briefly thought about buying a bunch of postcards and mailing them to my co-workers to rub in the fact that I was on vacation and they were not. I wised up before I could execute my plan.

Turns out, I was on vacation at the same time as President Barack Obama. No, we didn’t hang out. During my week off, when I happened to check out the nightly news, I noticed something that bothered me.

It seemed that a lot of time was spent discussing what books Obama had taken with him, what games he planned to play, etc.

Really? People are losing their jobs and news networks want to devote five minutes on the Obama vacation itinerary?

It struck me that some national news networks have forsaken the news in favor of gossip. I realize that Obama’s vacation is news, but to lead a news cast with the story is pushing it.

War? Stock market crashes? Foreclosures? Who cares? The White House released Obama’s vacation reading list.

I saw a really hard-hitting story on Time.com recently. The headline — “Why Michelle Obama’s Hair Matters.” I didn’t know it did.