News judgment is distressing

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By The Staff

As a 24-year resident of Campbellsville, I have watched with dismay as the News-Journal has featured person after person on the front page as a result of their indictment or run-in with the law.

I can only imagine the grief caused to the family and friends of those so featured. I can only wonder why that qualifies as front-page news?

It has been my experience that no one in particular and the community in general gains no benefit from the publishing of such disturbing incidents. I have noticed that nearly every bad thing that happens to anyone in the community is front-page material. It is for that reason that I have no interest in subscribing to the paper and have not for many years.

Wouldn't it be possible to report only those matters that affect the community and not feature such distressing and disturbing incidents as the one on the front page of Monday's paper?

I believe there are extenuating circumstances in the featured indictment of which no one will be aware. The only thing the readers will surmise is that the person pictured there is probably guilty. The little disclaimer about an indictment not establishing guilt is certainly too little too late.

I don't know if the paper's track record of such "reporting" is an attempt to build subscriptions by appealing to the interest of some to "know the dirt" on people, or if it is simply [Publisher Richard] RoBards' view of journalism? Whatever the case, I continue to be ashamed of the way our local paper treats things of this nature.

Bob Cutler