Newest safety net is promising

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By The Staff

Thanks to technology, our families will soon be safer.

A new "One Call Now" program, already in use at some local schools, will notify us by telephone in the event of an emergency in Taylor County.

The one-call system can send a pre-recorded message to as many as 5,000 phone numbers in a minute's time. In less than 10 minutes, all of Taylor County could be warned of an approaching storm.

Some schools have been using the program for sometime now, notifying parents about upcoming meetings or special events. And now, local governments are picking up on the available technology to ensure the safety of residents.

Until now, the only means of notification to residents was an alert through Comcast Cable Co. However, not all residents subscribe to cable television and even those who do had to be watching TV when the alert was broadcast.

According to Ronnie Dooley, public information officer for the Taylor County Emergency Management Agency, within the near future, a company will set up the computer software and begin the process of entering numbers from the local telephone directory. Information on how to include additional phone numbers will soon be distributed, possibly through this newspaper or to customers of the Campbellsville Water Co. in monthly bills.

Cell phones are becoming an increasingly important part of people's lives today, and many residents will probably want to have those numbers included. After all, if you leave the house at 7 in the morning, how much good will it do for a phone call at noon, warning about an afternoon tornado watch? With our cell phone numbers included, we can stay up to date on emergency situations with no problem.

Technology has improved much in our world today. And keeping our families safer is an added bonus.