New equipment won't thwart sign thieves

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By The Staff

It's a shame it's even necessary, but a recent purchase by the County makes good financial sense.

Taylor Fiscal Court recently bought a $7,435 machine that will let County employees make road signs themselves rather than having to order them to help cut the cost.

Last year alone, the County spent $8,900 on signs. With the new machine, hopefully that cost will decrease to the cost of supplies.

Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers said the idea of purchasing the machine came after realizing just how much money the County was spending on replacing road signs. It's apparently a constant battle, with certain road signs being quite popular among thieves.

With the new machine, the cost of each sign will be reduced from $28 to less than half that amount, which will save the County some major money as time goes by. In addition, County road workers could see a sign missing and replace it the very same day.

That will come in handy for emergency service workers, who can lose valuable time looking for a specific address. It's bad enough that some houses don't have numbers posted, but for a road to be missing a sign is downright dangerous.

And speaking of house numbers, Rogers said the County can also make house number and mailbox signs for residents with the new machine for a small fee.

Just the fact that continuous replacement of road signs is necessary is senseless. Officials believe that mischievous kids are the main culprits. But when mischievousness becomes a criminal activity, it's time to do something different.

Until we can find a way to completely stop the thefts, cost-saving measures will have to do.