New complex would be an eye-catcher

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Would be home for several youth sports.

By Bobby Brockman


Author Nelson Henderson is credited with saying, “the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
That can probably be said of the proposed Campbellsville Sports Complex.
Most folks who invest will probably never have anyone who plays at the facilities and most of the people at last Tuesday’s design meeting with Myra Vaughn, Darrell Douglas and Marc C. Bond from Sherman-Carter-Barnhart at the Campbellsville/Taylor County Fire Department building will probably also not have a child that plays there.
Again it’s sort of like people paying taxes who don’t have kids or no longer have kids in school.
But, everyone must remember, an investment now is for our future — whether we get the rewards from the investment, our kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends will get to use the fabulous lay-out for all kinds of sporting activities.
Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young has the right “gung-ho” attitude about wanting to get it started as soon as possible on the 175 acres recently bought from the Dowell family which runs alongside Kentucky Hwy 55.
Young said he saw the huge advantage of the complex was that “people would eat in our restaurants, stay in our motels, shop at our stores and come into our community.”
Naysayers will say “why can’t we save money and improve what we already have”, “even if you build it, state or huge tournaments are not guaranteed” and “if it’s such a good project why isn’t the county involved.”
Whether a state tournament is ever held at the proposed complex, a central location would be a phenomenal platform for baseball, softball, football, soccer and other sports to use.
Companies and corporations will have to invest greatly to make the project grow legs, but can there be a more volunteering, giving community than ours?
However, how to pay for it has to be the huge question for Young and the community to ultimately answer.