Need real people in office

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By The Staff

I totally agree with Paul Harmon, Terry Keltner, Doug Mullins, David Ellis, Ricky Cox, Betty Amos, Miranda Nunn, Henry Berry and many others about the proposed Campbellsville City Council smoking ban. We need people like this in City Hall who can see the real world.

I have known for several months that a few City Council members and a few do-good, know-it-all City employees were out to get Mayor Brenda Allen, but I didn't think I would live to see the day that she would side with these clowns against her friends and the people who elected her.

Her new advisers know if she gets involved in enough stupid and unpopular projects, she will get voted out next election.

Under the pretense of a health issue, the annexation project that failed 2-1 in November's election was really to raise more City taxes to make up for the taxes lost on the other side of town. Every time the college buys a house or other property, it is off the tax rolls forever.

Why should Happy Hills Drive pay more taxes because the college bought more property? Why should other property owners pay more taxes because they destroyed 20 percent of downtown to build a jail and a courthouse that will never pay any taxes?

If the City Council is so worried about health issues and people living longer, get off the backs of people who are paying their wages and taxes and enforce the laws they have been ignoring for years.

Close the drug dealers, thieves and bootleggers and stop the lawyers and judges from turning them out after the police catch them.

Furnish clear tap water more than 50 percent of the time. Stop skateboarders from playing in manholes and stopping up sewer lines, and stop the sewer from running down the creeks. Stop the skateboarding down the streets and on private property.

Since they can't handle these big problems, it seems they want to concentrate on harassing, criminalizing and threatening to fine and close businesses. These are business people who have always done everything legal until now.

If the City can't raise enough money by annexation taxes, perhaps all of these fines will help. Maybe they are thinking if they turn enough honest, hardworking taxpayers into criminals they will help fill up their precious, beautiful jail that the taxpayers will be paying for over the next 75 years.

I fully respect and support the mission of our armed services people, but how can anyone say they are fighting for our freedom while our elected officials are taking away our freedoms every day?

Perhaps City Council should furnish all businesses that still allow people to smoke with a caution sign that reads: "Warning. Possible second-hand smoke in the building."

Until recently the Water Co. would send a notice in the water bills telling about all the impurities and contaminants that are in the tap water that the City is selling us. Second-hand smoke is not near as dangerous as the contaminants in the water the City sells us to drink.

I haven't heard of the City proposing to pass a water ban for the businesses in Campbellsville.

What did the City Council do about all the PCB contaminants from Tennessee Gas that spilled into Green River Lake from which the City pumped water?

If one person can influence our City leaders to try to take away the rights of a business owner, then maybe they should let him pay our taxes also.

If any business owner doesn't permit smoking, then he can post a "no smoking" sign, instead of having a Council appointee harassing him and his customers. Perhaps a group of business owners could sue the City for harassment to go along with the court case they recently settled.

Any politician should know if you irritate 80 percent of the people who voted for you, then your butt is gone in the next election.

For example: What happened in the last two County elections with the judge and magistrates who were juggled around?

The Take Back Taylor County group meets on the first Monday of each month at Ponderosa at 6 p.m. to discuss issues like this. Everyone is welcome.

Sheldon Jeffries