From murder to the Depression

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Murder, symbolism and mysteries were the topics at the April 18 meeting of the CKNJ Bookmarks reading group.

Several of us - including four new visitors - discussed the group's most recent book choice, "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.

For Dan Brown fans, "The Lost Symbol" has more of all the suspense, mystery and puzzles that he has become known for. There are also several unexpected twists and turns.

Next up on the Bookmarks' reading list is "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown.

Reviews on the Amazon.com website state that "Rainwater" is not a typical Sandra Brown novel.

"The novel takes place in 1934 Texas. An economic depression is going on, racism is prevalent, and how one is perceived morally in a small town is very important. This is a story of a deep abiding love between two people who teach each other to live and love at any cost.

"Radically switching gears, Brown sets this gentle tale in Depression-era Texas. The historical setting is not her only departure from her tried-and-true formula; this bittersweet morality play also features a hardworking single mother, an autistic child, and a mysterious boarder with a terminal medical condition.

"The moment Ella Barron agrees to let a room to David Rainwater, her hardscrabble circumstances are irrevocably altered. As the townspeople, farmers and ranchers struggle both economically and spiritually, a malevolent evil in the form of a menacing town bully threatens their tenuous hold on survival."

It's definitely worth the read.

Want to join us?

If you enjoy a good book and would like the chance to talk to others who have read the same book, we'd love to have you join us.

With help from the Taylor County Public Library and the Taylor County Extension Office, the group meets once every three months. There is no membership or mandatory attendance, it's just a group of people getting together to talk about books.

Elaine Munday, librarian at Taylor County Public Library, says she will obtain several copies of the group's book selections. We also hope that those who buy the books will read them and pass them on to a friend, which will allow even more people to join in the fun.

If you're interested in joining us and want to be added to our newsletter, just drop me an e-mail at editor@cknj.com.

We recognize that we all have busy lives, so we only meet every three months. Our next meeting is at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 18 at the Extension Office.

We hope to see you there.