More of what you want to read

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

We want to bring you more of what you want to read. So that's exactly what we're going do.

Starting with today's issue, we are eliminating some of the features in the News-Journal that we believe aren't as well read as or as necessary to our readers as others.

We're doing this in order to have more space on our printed pages for the items you want to read.

On page 2 of each issue, we have for several years included the week's weather forecast. With the ease of accessing the local forecast within seconds through the Internet and television, we don't believe our readers look to us for that like they used to.

Readers can continue to access up-to-the-minute weather information on our Web site at www.cknj.com.

We've also not had a great response from the Just for Kids page. We had hoped to continue our children's drawing contest, but there haven't been as many entries as we thought there would be. We will still have a page for kids when we participate in the Kentucky Press Association literacy program each year, but not during the rest of the year.

We're also eliminating the Diversions page, since readers now have easier access to horoscopes and crossword puzzles from multiple sources. The Family Daze column by Debbie Farmer that was published occasionally is no longer available.

However, we will continue to provide the popular Early Days column by Marie Cox - though it will be moved to the Milestones pages.

These small changes will allow more space for Milestones, Education, Faith and Business news.

There have been some weeks that we've had four and five times more stories and photos about what's been happening in our community than we've had room to publish.

And that's not fair to our readers.

We know that you don't want to have to wait weeks to see your children and grandchildren's photos.

We are glad that community newspapers aren't facing quite the struggle that the larger daily newspapers are. But it's still a tough time for the journalism profession.

That's why we're making more room for the news you want to read.

And we will continue to provide that to you.