Missionary outreach is medicinal

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By The Staff

Our health is one thing that all of us are concerned about and sometimes take for granted. And when we're ill, we are privileged to be able to simply pick up the telephone and make an appointment to see a doctor.

Our community is served by dozens of well-trained physicians and a top-notch hospital. At Taylor Regional Hospital, we have available to us the latest in specialized medical care.

But in other countries people aren't so fortunate.

That's why a recent medical mission trip to Ecuador is so special.

Four Taylor Countians - Drs. Eugene Shively and Jimmy Ewing, Nurse Angie Johnson and Fire Chief Allen Johnson - gave two weeks of their time away from their families and their jobs and traveled thousands of miles to provide free medical care for people who had needed it so desperately.

In just two weeks, the mission group treated 1,255 patients, wrote 2,532 prescriptions, pulled 318 teeth, performed 79 surgeries, handed out 55 Bibles and saw 230 people come to Christ.

The only bad part of the trip was apparently leaving before everyone who needed care could get it.

But this isn't the first time local people have gone to help others who needed it.

Several Taylor Countians traveled to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina devastated that area. Other groups from many local churches have spent much of their time on mission trips to other countries as well as to places within our own country.

Shively put the words to what's likely most people's rationale: "I do it to serve God and also it's a lot of fun."

What a wonderful community we call home.