Minor change made to rescue agreement

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Agreement now has termination clause, set to expire in 2015

By Calen McKinney

State officials have found a minor hiccup in the wording of the new interlocal agreement between the city and county. But after a vote last week, the issue has been resolved.
At last Tuesday’s regular Fiscal Court meeting, County Attorney John Bertram told magistrates that the Department of Local Government found a common mistake in that a termination clause was left out of the agreement.

The new agreement states that the city and county will split the deficit of the cost of providing rescue and E-911 services for the next four years.
Bertram said a clause must be added to the agreement that states that it won’t end until 2015, unless both the city and county agree to break it.
He said Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young has already signed an agreement with the new clause.
Bertram said the new clause doesn’t change anything about the agreement, it only states in writing that it will end in four years, or unless both parties agree to break the agreement. He said the clause encompasses the spirit of what was agreed upon between the city and county.
Because the clause simply states what was already agreed, Bertram said he believes that Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers could have simply signed the new agreement without a vote from magistrates. However, he said, Rogers wanted to discuss the change with magistrates for clarity.
Bertram said he has read the new clause to DLG officials, who have said it is acceptable.
Magistrate Richard Phillips made a motion approving the new agreement, which Magistrate Ed Gorin seconded. The new agreement was approved at a vote of 5-1, with Magistrate John Gaines casting the lone “no” vote. On Friday, Gaines said he has always voted no to the interlocal agreement.
Young said last week that adding the clause to the agreement is simply a technicality, but he wants to make sure the agreement is written correctly.
“I like to get it right,” he said.
Young said the transition of merging Campbellsville Fire Department and Campbellsville/Taylor County Rescue went well.
“There’s a lot of excitement, training and interest going on,” he said.
Young said the city and county will split the deficit of Campbellsville/Taylor County E-911, Campbellsville/Taylor County Emergency Medical Services and the cost of hiring a ninth firefighter and some maintenance at Campbellsville Fire and Rescue. Most of the cost of rescue operations will be absorbed through the former Campbellsville Fire Department.
“The accounting will be clear,” he said. “Everyone will see everything.”

Budget action

On behalf of the Court’s Budgets, Audits and Personnel Committee, Gaines told magistrates that the group met last Monday to discuss the current status of the county’s budget and agreed to make three recommendations.
First, Gaines said the Committee recommends using $200,000 in the budget set aside for special projects and $100,000 from the county’s reserve fund to pay on the $1 million loan the county received for jail startup costs. With this $300,000 payment, Gaines said the county will be paying that loan a year and a half early.
Next, Gaines said the Committee recommends that County Road Foreman Brian Smothers be allowed to purchase a loader for $107,000 at a state contract rate and about $11,000 for a used dump truck and snow plow.
The road fund budget earmarked $100,000 to purchase the loader. With the purchase of the dump truck, the county will have a truck assigned to salt roads in each of the county’s six magisterial districts. The county currently has five dump trucks.
Magistrates unanimously approved those recommendations.
Lastly, Gaines said the Committee also discussed what to do with the county’s $1.3 million surplus from last fiscal year. He said the $1.3 million is the largest surplus the county has had during his nine years as a magistrate.
Gaines said the Committee agreed to recommend that $480,000 be used to blacktop some of the county’s roads. That money will be divided evenly into the six magisterial districts, giving each $80,000.
Gaines said he would like to save more of the surplus money and see only $300,000 used for blacktop, at $50,000 for each district. Magistrates approved the request for $480,000, with Gaines casting the lone “no” vote.
Gaines said the Committee also received a copy of the revisions to the policy and procedures manual at the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. He said the revisions will be studied and brought back to the court for approval.
At the Committee meeting last Monday, County Treasurer Melissa Williams said the county’s budget is progressing well. The group discussed a few line items in which more money has been spent than should have at this point in the fiscal year. Williams said she expects those items will level as the year progresses.

Also at the meeting:
• Team Taylor County Executive Director Ron McMahan told magistrates that he has been working with two companies, one of which has looked at locating at Heartland Commerce and Technology Park. He said blacktopping at the park will begin soon with grant money the court accepted last month.
McMahan said Amazon.com is expecting 750 work campers this holiday season, with several having already arrived. He said the company is looking at strategies to hire temporary workers, from shorter shifts on the weekend to hiring local college students.
McMahan said Intelenet will have a job fair soon to fill some positions. He said Taylor County’s unemployment rate rose 1 percent last month to 10.3 percent, though he has been told there was no significant layoff or closing to cause the jump. He said he believes the rate will soon go down again.
• Magistrates agreed to enter into a three-year agreement with Campbellsville Baptist Church to operate Veterans Memorial Park. Gorin said having a three-year agreement will allow the church some time to make improvements at the park.
• The Court accepted $175,000 in flex grant money from the state for blacktopping some roads in the county. Rogers said he will hand deliver the paperwork so work can begin as soon as possible.
• Rogers told magistrates that Campbellsville Fire and Rescue employees will take over the project of installing mile markers at Green River Lake.
• The Court agreed to declare about an acre of land and a four-wheeler with a trailer seized by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office in a drug case as surplus. The items will be advertised for bids.
• Magistrates awarded a bid to Taylor County Jailer Hack Marcum to purchase a tractor from the county for $6,002. The money will go in the road department’s budget.
• Magistrates had first reading of the county’s Code of Ethics.
• The monthly requests for road work were approved, with magistrates asking for tile work, patching, grading of gravel roads and replacing of road signs.
• The Court had second reading of a 35 mph speed limit on Corbin Road and a 25 mph speed limit on Greenhill Road.
• Magistrates approved several budget transfers, including $12,503.60 from various line items in the general fund, $34,564.43 in line items in the road fund and $214,353.25 from the general fund to the jail fund. The court had second reading of an amendment in the road fund accepting $315,000 in Rural Secondary Road funding.
• A little more than $750,000 has been collected in occupational taxes this fiscal year. After subtracting expenses and refunds, taxes collected total $745,570.51.
• The Court discussed pending litigation and possible discipline/termination of a county employee in closed session for about an hour. No action was taken.