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Young gives his opinion on how Rescue should be funded.

By Calen McKinney


Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young says there are only two options to solving the issue of funding for rescue and E-911 services.

In a statement released Friday, Young stated that one of those options is for the city to continue operating Rescue and E-911, with financial support from the county.

"I propose the county's support of Rescue to be $450,000. The current city budget would have to be reduced by $200,000," he wrote. "I will take that responsibility and allow that financial relief be given to the county."

The county currently pays the city $650,000 a year to operate Rescue and E-911.

The other option, according to Young, is for the county to operate both Rescue and E-911, Young said, and for the city's occupational tax to be adjusted accordingly.

Young's entire statement can be found in PDF format at the bottom of this story.

In his statement, Young wrote that he opposes creating a taxing district to pay for Rescue.

That option was proposed during a March 29 meeting of a committee made up of City Councilmen Randy Herron and Jimmy Ewing and Magistrates John Gaines and James Jones.

At their meeting last week, council members discussed the committee's meeting and the proposed tax in depth, but no decisions were made.

In Young's news release, he wrote that he had just heard sirens coming from Rescue's building while preparing his statement.

"At that particular point in time, two serious auto accidents had occurred in opposite ends of the county," he wrote. "I thought to myself how this scenario would play out if we did not have Rescue.

"I know without a doubt that if I or my loved ones were to be involved in such an accident, I want our Rescue to be on the scene. Just [last] week, our community experienced another tragic automobile accident."

Young wrote that unless the county agrees to pay the city for operating Rescue and E-911, anyone having an emergency outside the city limits would not have rescue services.

For example, he wrote, if a Campbellsville resident, while traveling outside of the city limits but still inside Taylor County, had an automobile crash, that resident would not be entitled to receive care from Rescue.

"My desire is to see that Rescue and E-911 services are funded for the entire community. Our community should not settle for just average service," he wrote. "Our community desires the very best."

Young wrote that he encourages residents to contact their City Council members and magistrates to express their thoughts on funding Rescue and E-911.

He said he can be contacted at City Hall at 465-7011. Letters can also be left in the Campbellsville Water Co. drop box.

Up Next

Young said on Friday that he sent his news release to local media, City Council members and magistrates.

The issue of Rescue and E-911 funding is set to be discussed during tomorrow's regular Fiscal Court meeting a 6 p.m. at the Taylor County Courthouse.

The Campbellsville City Council will then discuss the issue at a special meeting on Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at the City Council room above the Campbellsville Police Department.

The next meeting of the magistrate/City Council committee meeting is Tuesday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Rescue headquarters.

All of the meetings are open to the public.

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