Mannsville residents seek help to avoid closure of post office

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Please help Mannsville save its post office. Anyone can sign the petition at Mannsville Sash & Door, or Penn’s Store or write to the post office. Mannsville is on the list to lose its post office, and there is special need there.

The many Amish living there still use horse and buggy and do not have electricity due to their religious beliefs.

Therefore, they do not have Internet access, nor do they own automobiles to travel over 25 miles round trip to Campbellsville, which is the nearest post office.

They depend on the post office to weigh and mail packages, money orders, stamps and even packaging products.

Here, the whole neighborhood passes on good and bad news, along with cheerful greetings. The USPS says the mailman can do it all, but perhaps no Saturday delivery soon, and the Mannsville Post Office must close because they can’t make money at this post office like they can where more people live. 

Beware all you country people living in small towns; you also could lose your post office. Try catching that mailman down that long lane in bad weather. Or leave him a message on Friday, no mail on Saturday, holiday on Monday and five days later your needs are met with USPS.

Mannsville needs 500 signatures to stop this post office closing. This is near impossible in a country town of only 1,000 people, including children. They have perhaps 275 signatures already, but need your help by signing the petition to keep their post office open.

Lois Latko