Male chivalry: a dying breed

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By The Staff

Recently I was driving through a nearby community on my way to my sister's house. I stopped at a store, got out and heard a hissing noise. I had a slit on the side of my tire.

I immediately got back in my car and pulled across the street to a tire store. By then my tire was almost flat.

I got out of my van with my two young boys and a man came outside to ask me if I needed something. I explained to him about my tire and that I would need a replacement.

He informs me that they are closed and that he doesn't even have a mechanic on duty. He says he's sorry, and goes back inside the store and locks the door. He had on a clean store uniform shirt, so I guess he worked there.

There I am, a single woman with two young boys, stranded with a flat tire, in a tire store parking lot with people inside.

Thank goodness for cell phones.

I made a few calls and started changing my own tire. My brother from Campbellsville stopped dry-walling his bathroom to come and make sure I got my tire changed.

Call me old-fashioned, but couldn't the man from the tire store at least have offered to put my spare on for me? By the way, I had to get a friend to take the spare to a filling station to get air put in it.

Ladies, if you're ever in a tire emergency, keep your fingers crossed that you don't go flat in front of a tire store. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to make it to a place that will help.

I guess native Americans are not the only breed going extinct.

Tamara Porter