Make your voice heard

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By The Staff

Everyone has opinions. We express ours quite often in this very space.

But opinions mean nothing if they are not shared. And right now, ideas are needed.

On June 15, state lawmakers will reconvene in Frankfort to address a projected budget deficit of $1 billion. The governor has a plan to cut $200 million, a plan some lawmakers say will actually gain plenty of support on House and Senate floors. He's also added the possibility of slot machines at Kentucky racetracks to the agenda.

This doesn't mean the problem is solved.

Due to tough economic times, budgets, whether they be state, local or even at home, are more critical now than ever.

Regardless as to what is cut or left in, the state's budget will affect every one of us. We all have a stake in this game.

When addressing the public, our elected officials say they want to hear from us. We wonder just how often we, the people, drop them a line. Today is a good time to start.

Contact your officials and let them know what's important to you. Share with them your ideas regarding budget woes or any other issue that you feel strongly about. After all, how can they represent the people if the people never tell them what they want?

You can contact Sen. Dan Kelly at (859) 336-7723. Rep. John "Bam" Carney can be reached at 465-5400.

But don't stop at the state level. Right here at home, our own branches of government are facing difficult budget years. As a matter of fact, City and County leaders are still trying to reach common ground regarding the much-debated occupational tax agreement. The issue is expected to be discussed once again at tomorrow's Fiscal Court meeting. Why not show up and add your ideas to the mix?

Stop sitting on the bench. This is your county, state and country. Let your voice be heard.