Make the people be heard

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By The Staff

In a few weeks, the commonwealth of Kentucky will be hosting elections. As usual, we listen to all the criticism one candidate has for another. Most of this is half-truths. Anything goes that makes the other candidate look bad.

For the past term, we have had nothing but controversy coming out of Frankfort. This governor was elected on the promise to cleanup Frankfort. All we have had is more mudslinging and waste of taxpayer dollars. This governor has showed no respect for our laws and did pretty much what he wanted, abusing the office he swore to uphold.

Senator Mitch McConnell would have nothing to do with the governor or talk about what was happening with the governor. He stayed completely out of the fray. Now, he says the governor was doing a good job.

This is an example of just how dishonest politicians are. Politicians should have one chance and only one chance. If they cannot do what they set out to do, vote them out. Give someone else the chance to see if they will be honest with the people.

Make the people be heard and politicians know we will stand for no more. If they will not do the will of the people, get rid of them.

Marvin L. Nichols