Magistrates not being thrify with Cat Hollow

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By The Staff

It's Christmas and you ask your family to supply a list of things that they might like to receive as a gift. But instead of going by the list, you decide to buy your wife a gift so expensive that you can no longer afford anything for anyone else. To top it all off, what you bought your wife wasn't even on her list.

Well, Merry Christmas Taylor County, you just received Cat Hollow Road.

Magistrates last Tuesday earmarked a $200,000 expenditure that no one but them appears to covet.

A majority of Cat Hollow Road residents asked magistrates to close a portion of their road, which is presently impassable, but the Christmas spirit must have overcome the Court.

Cat Hollow Road dead ends into a creek and has not been maintained for nearly three decades.

Landowner Patricia Winlock asked the Court to either begin maintaining the road or remove it from the County's road system. Winlock said she and others preferred it be closed. In order to cross the creek, the Winlocks say, vehicles have to trespass on their property.

It was a perfect time for Fiscal Court to follow their Christmas list.

Instead, magistrates went against the Winlocks' and others' request and voted for a potentially debilitating duty at the expense of the rest of the road budget.

In the same meeting, magistrates voted to no longer accept gravel roads into the County Road system.

We think the Court did the right thing on gravel roads, but we're still scratching our heads about Cat Hollow Road.

Third District Magistrate Milford Lowe says some landowners in the area told him they wanted the road to remain open.

Maybe so, but for a road that hasn't seen a maintenance crew in almost 30 years, it's going to be expensive to get Cat Hollow up to speed.

Our guess is, the road will never get the attention the Court seems to think it deserves.