Magistrates approve hazardous duty retirement

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By The Staff

Taylor County magistrates agreed to provide hazardous duty retirement pay for sheriff's deputies at a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers told magistrates that Kentucky Retirement Systems restructured its retirement plans and no longer give hazardous retirement pay for hazardous duty employees.

However, he said, magistrates can agree to reinstate hazardous duty retirement pay.

Rogers said the hazardous retirement pay rate the County is responsible for could increase in the next year to more than the current budgeted amount.

Taylor County Sheriff John Shipp said if the Court does not agree to reinstate the hazardous retirement pay, his hazardous duty employees will continue to pay their portion of the retirement pay but never receive it back.

Shipp said sheriff's deputies have received hazardous duty retirement for several years.

If the County does not offer the hazardous retirement, Shipp said, it could have trouble attracting new deputies and possibly even keeping the ones it has.

"You do that, you're effectively cutting me out, period," he said.

Magistrate Ed Gorin asked where the money would come from if the rate increases and other deputies are hired.

Shipp said he would like to hire more deputies but realistically doesn't see hiring more than one or two.

Magistrates unanimously approved Shipp's request.