Local kids talk about Santa's Christmas Eve preparations

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By Calen McKinney

Christmas is only three days away, and local kindergarteners know all about the magic of Santa and just how he gets around on Christmas Eve.


Students in Chanci Patterson's class at Campbellsville Elementary School and Shelly Young's class at Taylor County Elementary School were recently asked to answer the question "How does Santa prepare for Christmas Eve?"

Their responses are printed below.


Chanci Patterson's class, Campbellsville Elementary

"Get his suit on first. Then he puts the boots on. Gets his sleigh. Gets his reindeers. Then he ready."

Brianna Atwood, 5


"He makes toys."

Chase Lawless, 6


"His elves work. They wrap presents up."

Jacob Lyons, 5


"Make toys."

Brianna Lyons, 5


"His sleigh. He rides it because his reindeer pulling him. He puts the toys under the Christmas trees. The next day, the kids wake up and the moms and dads wake up."

Kehleigh Baught, 5


"He gets in his work clothes and he sees if the elves are done making the toys and he packs them up in his bag."

Kaylin Forbis, 5


"Put his clothes on. Deliver presents."

Ethan Cox, 6


"He comes to you. He rides a sleigh."

Keely Thompson, 5


"Reindeers. Fly. Rest."

Arisha Francis, 5


"He gets all the toys for the kids and give it to him for Christmas Eve. Then he comes Christmas Eve. He rides on a reindeer. He rides on a sleigh."

Kendra Coulter, 5


Shelly Young's class, Taylor County Elementary


"Gets the presents on the sleigh. He gets ready to fly."

John Michael Phillips, 6


"He pack up his sleigh. He feeds his reindeer with a big supper and off away he goes."

Grace Black, 5


"Packs his toys. Gets sleep. Say a prayer."

Madison Bertram, 5


"Well, his elves help him. They, umm, get the sleigh ready. And they, umm, get the reindeer all coupled up. He just does it super quick. He looks for a really close Christmas tree to put in under."

Collin Moore, 6


"They make presents first. They fly and give presents to all the kids."

Bradyn Wright, 6


"He has to find their presents. Feeds the reindeer."

Edwin Perez-Ramos, 5


"He looks at his lists. He hooks up his reindeer. He puts on a suit. Get in his sleigh."

Emily Melton, 5


"He gets ready when he gets his presents and, after that, he gets on his sleigh and goes off. He gives the kids presents. That's all I really know about Santa."

Jaden Li, 5


"He go work. He goes and eats with the boys and girls."

Sofia Caceres, 5


"The toys. He hides them under the tree when we're asleep. Get his reindeers."

Ben Coyt, 6