Local children talk about what they are thankful for at Thanksgiving

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By Calen McKinney



With Thanksgiving today, families and friends have gathered to say thanks for all they have.

Local second-grade students know all about saying thanks, whether it's being thankful for their school, God, their families and much more.

Ten students from Campbellsville and Taylor County elementary schools were asked to answer the question, "What are you thankful for?"

Their responses are printed below.

Campbellsville Elementary School

"That God gave us food. Clothes. One more thing, I'm thankful for school."

-Brianna Hayes, 8

"My family. God. Food. And friends."

-Leah Nelson, 7

"My life. My video games. Not being the only person on Earth."

-Brady Hoosier, 8

"Being an Eagle. My family. My brother. My mom and dad. My grandparents. My uncles. My dog."

-Briana Davis, 7

"Food. The parade."

-Noah Wilson, 8

"For my life. For food. For drinks. For my family. I'm thankful for my family members."

-Caspian Jones, 8

"I'm thankful for God, Jesus. My family. My friends. And for our freedom."

-Parker Polk, 7

"I'm thankful for all our food and drinks. And I'm thankful to be on Earth. I'm thankful for school. I'm thankful to learn and be able to read."

-Konner Forbis, 7

"My family. The shelter that we have. Food and water. My friends."

-Mary Russell, 7

"My mom and dad. My sister, my brother. Miley, my dog. I'm thankful for Jesus and I'm thankful for school. My cousins. The teachers. I'm thankful that my parents love me."

-Sophia Spencer, 7

Taylor County Elementary School

"My family and my pear tree."

-Clay McLean, 7

"My mom and dad."

-Hunter Vaughn, 7

"My family. That's all."

-Noah Dabney, 7

"For my family. My friends. I'm thankful for everyone that helps me with my homework. And that's all."

-Gabriel Cunha, 7


-Jack Leigh, 7

"Mom and dad."

-Lacey Sexton, 7

"I'm thankful that I have a warm place to live because I know people don't have some of that stuff to survive with like shelter. I'm thankful I have my mom and dad and my brother, even though me and my brother don't get along that good. Oh and my half-sister."

-Madalyn Nolley, 7 1/2

"My family."

-Sierra Demers, 7

"My grandmother. She cooks us food when she works that day. She wakes at night time and we eat at my momma's house."

-Brandon Skaggs, 9

"Parents because they help me. If I fall down, they'll help me get back up. They help me with my homework."

-Brayden Janes, 7