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By The Staff

Tomorrow, as the 44th President of the United States places his hand on the very same Bible that former President Abraham Lincoln did so many years ago, history will be made.

Record crowds are expected to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama, both in person and on television news channels.

And several of those on hand for the personal experience will be representing Campbellsville. We can’t help but wonder how many communities our size will be represented at such a historic occasion. Few, we would assume.

That’s why it’s so neat that 42 Collegiate Historians and their sponsors at Campbellsville University — in addition to a Taylor County High School student — will be attending the event —

We know you will represent our community well.

Front Page

Today’s front page features a story bringing us up to date on “The Campbellsville Comeback” we’ve heard so much about over the past decade.

With the closing of Fruit of the Loom in 1998, a quarter of our community was left without jobs. Now, 10 years later, 12 new businesses have come to town. A few of them have since closed.

But what seems the most positive is that all of our eggs are not carried in the same basket as they once were.

Diversification is the key, and hopefully we’ve unlocked the door once and for all.

Miss America

Emily Cox, the reigning Miss Kentucky, will compete for the Miss America crown on Saturday and we’re proud to say that she’s a Campbellsville native.

Cox, 22, became the second in her family to win the Miss Kentucky crown after competing against 31 contestants from across the state last July. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

Cox, who competed in the Miss Kentucky pageant as Miss Bowling Green, is the daughter of Ricky Cox and Jenny Cox, both of Campbellsville. Cox’s aunt, former Campbellsville resident Nancy Cox Kenny, won the Miss Kentucky crown in 1990.

Cox’s grandmother, Naomi, can say she has had both a daughter and a granddaughter compete for the Miss America crown.

Cox, who now lives in Lexington, is the fifth Campbellsville native to win the Miss Kentucky title. And she’s one of the first Campbellsville natives to be featured on a reality show. Cox participates in “Countdown to the Crown,” which has aired in three episodes beginning Jan. 2. The last episode airs Friday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

The Miss America pageant will air live on TLC from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday. Preliminary competitions are tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday at Planet Hollywood’s Theatre for Performing Arts.

Best of luck, Emily, we’ll be watching.