Lindsey professors have clost ties to Campbellsville

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By The Staff

Three Lindsey Wilson College professors - Asa Swan, the Rev. Terry Swan and Larry Ennis - have connections to Campbellsville.

Terry Swan, a Campbellsville resident who is dean of the chapel and professor of religion, has been a member of the LWC faculty since 1985.

Ennis, who is associate professor of education, has been a member of the LWC faculty since 1998.

Asa Swan, who is a 1996 LWC alumnus, was named a full-time instructor of history this fall.

The Swans have known Ennis for more than 20 years, as Ennis was principal of Campbellsville Elementary School when Asa was a student there.

The Swans and Ennis joined the rest of the Lindsey Wilson community in officially welcoming the college's Class of 2012 at the annual opening convocation.

Final numbers for Lindsey Wilson's total enrollment will not be known until later this month. But college officials already know they have set at least two records with this year's freshman class: at 424, it is the largest number of first-time, full-time freshmen to enroll at the college; and this year's freshmen class is the brightest in college history - at least according to the average score on the American College Test.