LETTER: Veteran offers thanks

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As a veteran of World War II and the Korean Conflict, I am writing to thank all of those who helped provide excellent programs to honor veterans on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at Campbellsville Middle School and on Thursday, Nov. 11 at Taylor County High School and at the Taylor County Courthouse. On Tuesday, Nov. 16, we veterans were again honored at Campbellsville High School.
All participants did an excellent job, especially the CMS Eagle Choir whose members sang beautifully from memory all of the military hymns on Tuesday at CMS and on Thursday at the courthouse square.
The color guard at all three schools did well and the TCHS band and concert choirs performed superbly. The CHS choir did well also.
Six students at CMS who read their original essays based on President Kennedy's well-known challenge "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country," made their parents proud and the principal at CMS appreciative of his teachers' excellent work. All of us veterans and visitors in attendance were well pleased with their performance, too.
Six students at CHS read original essays and/or poems, expressing their views on what freedom means to them. We veterans nodded in agreement.
The special speakers, LTC Jeffery Hughes and Ken Collins delivered brief, informative and timely talks.
Since the individual scheduled to speak at CHS was unable to be present, the moderator asked those veterans present who wished to say a word to face the audience and pass the microphone along from one to the other. Each of the more than 20 veterans took turns, to the apparent enjoyment of the students and staff.
While one TCHS student read loudly and clearly the meaning of the 13 steps in folding the American flag at a veteran's funeral, six other students professionally folded the stars and stripes in presentation to a loved one. CHS students, staff and all visitors then joined in singing, "I'm Proud to Be An American."
On behalf of the many veterans present for these special services, let me thank all of the students in all the schools for their excellent behavior and participation in these memorable ceremonies.
Let me thank also those who prepared and served the delicious food for veterans at both schools.
Finally, let me thank our mayor and the City employees in the fire department and police department for their fine help in making these events successful and safe and enjoyable.
Robert Oldham