Let's make it better

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board

It was no less meaningful with a smaller crowd. And the money raised was certainly nothing to sneeze at. But we were definitely dismayed at the low turnout for this year's Relay for Life.

Most everyone, at some point in their life, will be touched by cancer, whether it is one's self, a family member or a friend. That's why the search for a cure is so desperately important.

In years past, Relay was a popular event, with hundreds and hundreds of local residents attending - most staying throughout the night to play games and participate in various contests in addition to team members continuously walking the track.

This year, 16 teams raised money, though only eight set up campsites for the event. And of those, just two remained by midnight.

Less than a mile away, however, the Taylor County Fair had its largest crowd in history. While we're pleased at the turnout for the fair - and how far it has come since it was brought back to life - that event likely had an effect on the participation at Relay.

We live in a giving community ... just look back a couple weekends ago to the $26,000 raised for the Crusade for Children and the thousands of dollars raised for both project graduation events for local seniors.

We recognize that a majority of this year's committee members were new to Relay. And we also know they are already making plans to increase participation for next year's event. In fact, a meeting to recap this year's Relay and make improvements for the next year is already set for 6 p.m. on July 12 at the Chamber of Commerce office.

When the date for next year's Relay for Life event is set, we hope it won't be competing with the fair or another major event.

We are confident that someday a cure for cancer will be discovered. That's why funding its research is imperative. And Relay for Life provides a large part of that funding.