Let's keep it that way

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By The Staff

More than 300 people from Taylor and surrounding counties participated in the 22nd annual Green River Lake Cleanup on Saturday morning. And, after about three hours of work, volunteers had filled a record amount of trash bags.

The 301 boy and girl scouts, school children, church group members and other individuals are to be commended for the efforts Saturday. While the cleanup has seen more volunteers in the past, this year's group collected 40 more bags of trash than last year's now-shattered record of 178 bags.

In all, volunteers collected 217 bags of trash, 22 tires, two mattresses and a vehicle's gas tank.

Park Ranger Larry Lemmon said more trash was collected this year for a number of reasons.

"The lake is down about 2 feet more than usual," he said. "That's the main reason. We also kept people busier. In the past, they'd come back to the shelter too soon. This year, we made sure we kept them supplied with bags."

The effort resulted in a savings of nearly $18,000 based on the number of hours it would have taken paid workers to clean up the same amount of trash.

But more importantly, the effort restores the beauty of Taylor County's crown jewel, Green River Lake.

After the cleanup, everyone who participated in the event was treated to a free lunch and prize giveaway provided by local businesses with about $1,365 worth of food items and $3,257 worth of prizes donated.

So, the lakeshore is clean now. Let's do our part to make sure it stays that way.