KORT project to help GRM

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By Leslie Moore


KORT Campbellsville Physical Therapy is asking for the community's help in bringing the gift of Christmas to Green River Ministry's homelesss shelter residents.

Tawana Eastridge, a physical therapist assistant and organizer of the event, said she didn't know a homeless shelter existed in Campbellsville until she recently received an invitation to "like" the organization's Facebook Page.

When the corporate office challenged KORT to participate in a community service project, Eastridge said choosing the shelter was an easy decision because it will help raise community awareness as well as benefit those staying at the shelter.

"Initially we were going to decorate for Christmas and do some gifts," she said.

But upon her visit to the shelter with a few coworkers to determine how many decorations were needed, Eastridge discovered residents were also in need of food. Taylor County Food Pantry volunteer Marietta Moyers said the pantry doesn't regularly support the shelter.

"They don't furnish their food there unless it's donated," Eastridge said.

Because they already have plenty of decorations, Eastridge said the drive is now focused on nonperishable food items and simple gifts for residents.

She said the shelter doesn't have a conventional oven and asks that anyone who donates food items to make sure they can be prepared in a microwave.

Expired items will not be accepted.

Eastridge said the shelter also needs personal care items such as deodorant and soap as well as laundry detergent.

"I'm more worried about food now at this point but we will be accepting some gifts as well," Eastridge said.

Suggested gifts are socks, gloves and restaurant gift cards.

KORT employees will wrap the donated gifts and are requesting that if an item is already wrapped to label it for the appropriate gender and age group.

KORT employees and patients will decorate the shelter and distribute gifts to residents from 1 to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The community is invited to help. Refreshments will be provided.

Donations will be accepted at KORT Campbellsville until the day of the event.

Everyone who donates will be given a free Christmas ornament.

The Green River Ministry Shelter, located at 55 Clem Haskins Boulevard, is a temporary residential shelter for homeless individuals, families and runaway youths. The shelter also provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence.

For more information, contact KORT at 469-1076.