Know your school's dress code

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By James Roberts

Some dress codes at local schools saw minor tweaks while others will remain unchanged for the 2008-2009 school year.

From preparation for the work place to safety concerns, schools adopt dress codes for a variety of reasons. School administrators also say that student grades and behavior also improve when dress codes policies are adopted.

Following are some of the dress dos and don'ts for the upcoming school year. Contact the schools for individual school dress codes or a complete list for what can and cannot be worn during class.

Campbellsville Elementary

Don't wear:

- Any apparel that disrupts education.

- Clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol or tobacco or that promotes or suggests lewd messages or violence.

- Clothing with holes, tears or unfinished hems.

- Sunglasses, bandannas, combs or picks, chains or head coverings [except for religious or medical reasons].

- Sandals without straps around the ankles, flip-flops and Healies.

- Key chains.

Campbellsville Middle

Do wear:

- Plaid, khaki or solid twill pants, slacks, shorts or blue jeans. Decorative patches, embroidery, tears and other decorations are banned. Shorts must be below the knee level.

- Any color polo or oxford style shirt with collar and long or short sleeves that is tucked in. Any writing or design must be smaller than a credit card. Campbellsville Eagles or Campbellsville University apparel is allowed. Jerseys only allowed on designated days.

- Sweatshirts or sweaters without hoods that fit properly may be worn over an approved shirt.

- Shoes that are secured to the entire foot.

Don't wear:

- Piercings other than on the ears.

- Head apparel or wristbands.

- Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a doctor.

- Unnatural hair color.

Campbellsville High School

Do wear:

- Khaki, jeans, dress, corduroy and dress knit pants worn at the waist, with no sagging and properly fitting. Jeans cannot have embroidery or any kind of marking. Belts must be worn if pants have belt loops. Shorts that are at least knee length. No cargo or carpenter pants or shorts.

- Skirts worn at the waist and not more than 2 inches above the knee.

- Long or short sleeve polo style shirts with fold down collars or long or short sleeve oxfords with no more than the top two buttons undone. Shirts must be tucked in.

- Low-collar or buttonless shirts/blouses with a visible crew or mock neck shirt underneath.

- Campbellsville High T-shirts only and crew neck, V-neck and cardigan-style sweaters and sweatshirts.

- Hooded sweatshirts as outerwear. Hoods must be removed upon entering the building.

- Tennis shoes, sandals, open heel, clogs, loafers, boots or dress shoes.

Don't wear.

- Chains or spikes.

- Hats, bandannas, hoods, scarves, headbands or sweatbands.

- Jackets, coats or gloves between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

- Flip-flops.

Kentucky Christian School

Do wear:

- Long or short sleeve red, white or blue button down oxfords, polo shirts, turtle necks or KCS T-shirts.

- Red, white or blue button-front, crew neck, V-neck sweaters or sweatshirts that are worn over an approved shirt.

- Navy or khaki twill pants, plain or pleated front, with looped or elastic waist. Plain four or five pocket jeans, boot or straight leg that fit properly. Jeans must not have embroidery or any other markings. Belts must be worn if pants have loops.

- Navy or khaki shorts, plain or pleated, with looped or elastic waist. Length can be no higher than 3 inches above the knee.

- Navy or khaki skirts, skorts or jumpers.

- Athletic, loafers and rubber-soled Mary Jane shoes with soles 2 inches thick or less. Laces must always be tied.

Don't wear:

- Hats or caps indoors.

- Scarves, bandannas or oversized headbands.

Taylor County Elementary

Do wear:

- Shorts and skirts that reach to the end of the fingertips when arms are at students' side.

Don't wear:

- Bike shorts.

- Hats, bandannas or chains.

- Tank tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, cut-off T-shirts or jersey tops with holes.

- Any item with racial, vulgar, suggestive or gang-themed printing.

Taylor County Middle/High

Do wear:

- Pants, skirts, capris and shorts made of denim or twill worn at the waist and fitting properly. Shorts, skirts and dresses must end below the knee.

- Solid, striped or plaid polo or oxford shirts, sweaters, crew or turtleneck shirts with only the top two buttons undone.

- Solid-colored or Taylor County school-affiliated T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies. Hoods cannot be worn on head inside school.

- Tennis shoes, sandals, open heel clogs, loafers, boots, dress shoes or flip-flops.

- Jackets.

Don't wear:

- Clothing with slashes, cuts or holes.


- Visible tattoo.

- See-through fabric.

- Attire with vulgar or suggestive messages.

- Chains, spiked or metal objects worn as belts.

- Winter coats, trench coats, gloves, scarves or arm sleeves during the school day.

- Hats, bandannas, hoods, scarves, sweatbands, unnatural hair color, mohawks, spiked hair, designs cut into hair or hair covering eyes or face.

- Leather collars, wristbands, dog collars, spiked items, facial piercings, Confederate flags, unnatural contacts or chains connected to belts or wallets.

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