King of the Castle

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By James Roberts

Doug Quinn remembers riding by the castle on Versailles Road in Lexington many times. And for all those times he saw the castle, he never thought he'd find himself inside. But, today, that's exactly where he is.

Quinn, an account executive for Wholesale Hardwood Interiors, is serving as WHI project manager on the castle restoration.

WHI is providing all of the moldings, doors, ceiling work and other woodwork.

Once complete, the castle, which is owned by Thomas R. Post, will be a bed and breakfast and will host events such as weddings and receptions. Post is a Kentucky native who practices law in Florida.

Now christened The Castle Post, construction of the castle originally began in the 1960s by real estate developer Rex Martin. Construction stopped in the 1970s and the castle was never completed until now.

For sale signs were posted on the ground periodically. Rumors abounded that prospective buyers included Rock Hudson, William Shatner and Lee Majors. In reality, the castle has only had two owners in its 40-year history - Martin and Post.

Quinn said there are 16 carpenters alone working on the interior trim.

"It's like a castle on the outside and a palace on the inside," Quinn said of the project's scope. "It's a pretty large process."

Jimmy Bault, WHI vice president, said the plans are probably the most detailed he has seen.

"They really just wanted to preserve the medieval look."

WHI became involved as a result of another restoration project.

"We had worked with the interior decorators on the Campbell House in Lexington," said Mike Judd, WHI president.

The same decorator is working on the castle project and that connection led to WHI's getting the castle job, said Grant Richards, WHI sales/marketing director.

Quinn said the 22,000-square-foot castle will feature suites, a banquet hall, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, gazebo, billiards room, regulation-size bowling lane and a putting green.

Completion is expected this fall, Quinn said. WHI began its work on the project last December and sent its first shipment in May.

"It's pretty neat," Quinn said. "I've always wanted to go in it myself. It's going to be a showpiece for Kentucky."

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