Kids Outdoor Day on Saturday at Green River Lake

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By The Staff

One whole day of outdoor fun, fun, fun is coming up on Saturday at the Green River Lake State Park and Camp Kentahten in Campbellsville.

The 2008 Kids' Outdoor Day is hosted by the local chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), and there is an endless amount of things for children to do! Numerous, exciting, entertaining, fun filled outdoor activities for children of all ages are available to participate in including: game calling, fishing, trap shooting, boating safety, .22 rifle shooting, archery, canoeing, tomahawk throwing, inflatables, karate, and air rifles.

Best of all, all of these great enjoyable outdoor activities are completely and absolutely FREE!

This past year over 1,000 youths were hosted, and with parents and guests, the estimated attendance was over 2500 people! The upcoming Kids Outdoor Day is expecting another huge turnout as it has grown every year since it was started.

Last year, every single child who attended received a complimentary tee shirt and goodie bag. Hopefully, with the help of great sponsors and hearty donations, every kid that participates this year will also receive a complimentary tee shirt and goodie bag. Throughout the day there are many other nice perks as numerous door prizes will be given away to the children in attendance and at the days end, there are Grand Prize drawings that are sure to include very nice items.

There are many firsts at the Kids Outdoor Day for many children. For me, growing up as a kid, there was nothing like the first time I shot a big ole 20-gauge shotgun. I was nervous and scared out of my wits. Many shells and very few broken clay pigeons later I was hooked. I even upgraded to the monstrous 12-gauge shotgun. (It was monstrous to me anyways!) I really felt like something special after learning how to shoot a shotgun and I felt my confidence grow with every broken clay pigeon. The whole idea of the Kids Outdoor Day is to make 1000 different kids of all shapes, colors, and sizes feel good and special about themselves as the concepts and love of the outdoors are instilled into their hearts.

The Kids Outdoor Day is the kind of place where you see a kid's big grin after his or her first lucky bulls eye with a 20-pound draw weight bow. When you see that big smile and their eyes light up with joy, that is when you know that kid is going to be hooked on archery for life. Isn't that what it is all about?

Do not let all the fun and games at the Kids Outdoor Day fool you. There are many valuable life lessons to be had at such a fun event. The importance of family and friendships really hits home not only for the kids, but also the parents. If you are a parent reading this article right now, not sure whether or not it is worth your time or gas to take your little loved ones to one of the most fun days in the world, think again. I read a quote yesterday that stated, "No one ever wishes they spent more time at work than with their family." Is a few gallons of gas more important than seeing your kids smile all day and make memories that will last them and you for the rest of your lives? The Kids Outdoor Day is a perfect time for family bonding, and chances are your little loved ones are going to be begging at your knee to go again next year.

The future leaders of the outdoors are currently watching spiderman, playing video games, skateboarding through town, asking for ponies, and crying for bed time stories. I say, we put a fishing rod in their hands, let them blow the heck out of a goose call, pop balloons with a BB gun, and if they're careful, maybe even let them throw a tomahawk!

The only way to ensure the future of the outdoors is to get kids involved at a young age. There is not a parent out there who would regret attending the Kids Outdoor Day and brightening their children's day as well as their own. Who knows, maybe your kid is the next Duck Commander, Tom Knapp, Chuck Adams, or Michael Waddell. You do know, however, your children are number one in your heart. Think about it, you simply can not go wrong with a Free outdoors day that is going to be a great time for the entire family.

The Kids Outdoor Day is a much needed service to the outdoor community and a great day to teach kids about the outdoors and simply get kids involved in outdoor recreation. There is no telling how many hunters and anglers are produced from this event. As most of you know, once you get a kid good and hooked on the outdoors at an early age, the more likely they will be good and hooked on the outdoors for life. Not to mention, they get the opportunity to play with a duck call, catch a few bass, knock down their first clay pigeon, pop a .22 rifle, bounce around on inflatables, canoe across the lake, and have good clean fun! I personally want to throw a tomahawk! I encourage all the readers to attend. I assure you it will be a great time with your little loved ones.

The Kids Outdoor Day is a tremendously successful and growing event. If you would like to help out or know young people who might want to participate this upcoming year, please contact the Kids' Day chairman Shawn Canada at 270-789-3776.