Kentucky students need, deserve KEES funding

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By The Staff

It is beyond me why our new governor is proposing to cut funding for the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship by 15 percent as a part of his new budget.

I understand that our state is in debt when it comes to the current budget situation, but can't he find money elsewhere? Why does he have the right to take our KEES money away?

Students all across the state are striving for academic excellence, and I as one of them expect the reward I have been promised.

I remember quite clearly when I was told about KEES money in middle school. Representatives of the scholarship told me that the maximum amount I could receive was $2,500.

As a sophomore in high school, I have been striving to receive this full amount. It has been an incentive for me to keep my 4.0 and want to stay in our state for college. Tuition is continuing to rise, and I know I cannot afford for KEES money to be cut.

Each year, millions go to students in KEES awards and they rely on that money to help pay for their college. I know I am relying on all the financial aid I can get. It is ridiculous how little higher education is valued by our state right now.

I wish someone could tell me what happened to "Education Pays."

Janna Lynn Imel