KARE application available next week

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By The Staff

Applications for the Phase I Kentucky Agricultural Relief Effort Cost-Share Program will be available beginning Monday, June 9 at the Taylor County Extension Office. Applications will be accepted through July 9.

The following are eligible cost-share items available for 50 percent cost-share funding up to a maximum of $1,000.

- Drilling for subsurface aquifers and well establishments.

- Developing and piping on farm springs.

- Construction of small stream water basins.

- Establishing and enhancing on-farm ponds.

- Water hook-up to city/county water lines for farm usage.

- Irrigation equipment, structures and components.

- Filter fabric pads for heavy use areas.

- Fence and water - excludes plank and decorative fencing.

- Fence, posts, and related materials such as fence chargers, ground rods, voltmeters, etc.

- Materials related to development of a distributed water system, including but not limited to water lines, tanks, waterers and installation costs

- Seeding: custom services and rental of equipment.

- Custom seeding services provided by a third party are eligible for reimbursement on a cost-share basis.

- Rental of no-till drill or pasture renovator is eligible for reimbursement on a cost share basis.

- Cooling fans and sprinkler systems.

- Shade cloth and other temporary or permanent agricultural shelters.

- Feeding equipment, commodity storage structures, hay wrappers, feed mixers and silage feeding/storage equipment (excludes forage harvesting equipment).

- Crop insurance premiums (for 2008 coverage based upon active contract and invoiced premium) - excludes tobacco.

- Trailers, wagons and other forage/commodity transportation related equipment (excludes livestock trailers).

- Animal waste handling equipment.

Guidelines are available at the Extension Office on South Columbia Avenue.