Just catching up on some things

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Being good listeners might pay off

By Bobby Brockman


An old boss once told me he did some of his best things when just sitting or lying around.
He would keep some type note pad with him and write down what brain-storming idea came to his mind that he wanted to remember.
The older I get, the more each day I realize how smart he was/is.
Just the other day during some rare down time, these thoughts occupied my “useless information” knowledge of a brain.
• My dad was a youngest child, making my paternal grandparent an “old” man as I was growing up.
My “pappy” born Dec. 10, 1886, would often sit with me while I watched one of my many Major League Baseball games on our only black and white television.
“He said you know when I was your age I had people tell me ‘one day you will fly.’
“I thought they meant I would fly like a bird,’’ he said, “but they really meant I would have the chance to fly in an airplane.”
He then continued preparing me for the future.
“You know you like TV so much that one of those days not only is it going to ruin your eyes, but one day you will have to pay for it.”
I thought he meant all televisions would come with a box where you had to put money in just to watch a show.
I did see that many years ago in bus stations and at airports.
But, what he really was predicting was the age of cable and satellite television which like, the later use of cellphones, has developed into a habit we can’t do with out.
It’s funny how we think our elders aren’t as smart as us and don’t have the eduction we might later have.
Truth be known, one last thing I remember very well from my “pappy” is that “sometimes book sense isn’t always as good as common sense.”
Some other things I’ve heard through the years, that make more sense daily, are:
• Good pitching almost always beats good hitting in baseball.
• In baseball, pitching and defense come out on top and in football it’s defense and being able to run the pigskin. If you don’t have those combinations you won’t win on a consistent basis.
• A former Major League manager once said “everybody wants you to play the ones on the bench. Once you play them long enough, they’ll realize why they were on the bench in the first place.”
Same thing with the most popular player in football — the back-up quarterback.
• Rebuilding in collegiate basketball can most of the time be solved with at least three new players.
Rebuilding in collegiate football most of the time takes at least three more seasons.
• There two kinds of pitchers, major league managers use out of their bull pens — closers and closers (spelled the same way but pronounced differentl). The first kind is the Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel and Trevor Rosenthal variety from the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals who close out the games and lead MLB in saves.
The other kind are the ones who come in the game with a lead and make the outcome closer.

On the horizon
• The 50th Annual Duffers Tournament will take place this coming weekend at Old Silo Golf Course in Mt. Sterling.
• Taylor County High School senior Ellen Kehoe will begin play next Monday at the U.S. Women’s Amateur in New York.
• High school football season is just a few days away from practicing in the pads with the Forcht Bank Bowl scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Aug. 22-23 at Campbellsville University. (This year’s match-ups are on page 7.)