It's up to us to make the right choice

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By The Staff

For weeks and weeks, OK ... make that months and months, we've been inundated with advertisements and speeches and photo ops from our national election candidates.

Well, we're down to the wire now. And history will be made - we will elect either a black President or a female Vice President.

But all of the hullabaloo of the past months aside, when you walk into the voting booth and close the curtain, it's important to ask yourself a few honest questions:

- When I choose a candidate, am I truly voting for the candidate I believe will do the best job?

- Have I examined all the issues I feel are most important and learned where each candidates stands?

Go vote. It's as simple as that. Tomorrow is Kentucky's General Election. And it's up to voters to ensure that those who will make the best decisions for our community are those candidates who receive the most votes.

Our nation's top offices are up for election, from President and Vice President to U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative. Add in our local races, State Representative, City Council, School Boards and Conservation Board, and there's a full slate of candidates to choose from.

We all complain about things that happen in our world. But, honestly, the only ones who actually have a right to complain are the ones who exercise their right to vote. If we don't express our opinions about our elected officials by voting for the ones we think will do the best job, then what right do we have to complain when we don't agree with something they've done?

It's up to us to consider which candidates will do the best jobs.

And it's also up to us to set a good example for our children. This year, kids get to vote too. Of course, their votes won't be "officially" counted, but we'll be able to see where the children of today - in other words, our leaders of tomorrow - stand on certain issues.

And, maybe, if kids learn the importance of voting now, they'll take that with them to adulthood.

Again, learn all you can about the candidates and show up to cast your ballot tomorrow. For more information about voting, contact the County Clerk's office at 465-6677 or visit the Kentucky Secretary of State's Web site at www.sos.ky.gov.