It's time to take a stand

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I just read [Editor Rebecca Cassell's] article on "Three things to Consider." Thank you so much. That was a great article and it gives each of us a chance to think of someone else besides oneself.

Thank you again, keep up the good work. There is so much negativity in this world that your articles can bring us back to where we should be.

One thing that bothers me a great deal is why are women and young girls wearing clothes that expose their breasts? Everywhere you go, Walmart, banks, stores and even in church, women are exposing their breasts. Short skirts are another story.

I personally think this is heading away from Christianity and morality. It sure is tempting to young and old men as well. Women need to set the standards. They have in the past. Where are the Christian mothers and women in our community, directing their daughters and setting examples?

I just don't understand it and it disturbs me every time I see a young girl, mother or older woman dressed so sexually and, many times, they are with their young and teenage sons.

All I do is pray, but I know style is the big thing. I think it is time that Christian women take a stand and refuse to wear or buy such clothing. It is sad.

Pat Reff