It's time to perform your civic duty

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By The Staff

Tomorrow is Kentucky's Primary Election. And it's up to us to see that those who we believe will do the best job get the most votes.

Of course, without many local races, officials don't expect a large turnout. However, County Clerk Mark Carney said he believes we'll have a better turnout locally than the state as a whole.

Apathy certainly won't get us where we need to be.

The Republican nomination for state representative will be on the ballot. We also need to consider the Republican and Democratic nominations for U.S. Senate and the Democratic nomination for U.S. Representative.

Both parties will decide their favorite presidential candidates and much more attention will be focused on Kentucky this year because of the close Democratic race in other states.

There is also a decision facing City residents - whether local restaurants can serve alcohol with meals. This is a divided issue, with those individuals both for and against it feeling strongly about their positions.

When we walk into the voting booth and close that curtain, it's important to ask ourselves: When I push the VOTE button, am I truly voting for the candidate I believe will do the best job? Have I examined all the issues I feel are important and learned where the candidates stand?

If we don't express our opinions about our elected officials by voting for the ones we think will do the best job, then what right do we have to complain when we don't agree with something they've done?

Learn all you can about the candidates and show up to cast your ballot tomorrow. It's up to us to consider which of them will do the best jobs.

Go vote. It's as simple as that.