It's that time once again

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By The Staff

Summer break is officially over. It's time once again to hit the schoolbooks, trading in those lazy days for homework assignments, research papers and tests.

And it's also time for the rest of us to be more careful in our daily travels.

Classes begin Wednesday for students at Campbellsville, Taylor County and Kentucky Christian schools.

As we do each year, we urge drivers to be extra cautious in the mornings and afternoons. There will be children near roads and streets, especially in the residential neighborhoods, waiting to catch buses and walking to school. Oftentimes, these are very young children in their first year or two of school and who haven't quite learned that playing or jumping around while they're waiting for their ride isn't the best thing to do.

There are children as young as 3 attending Head Start and preschool programs, and those are the ones we need to be extra cautious about.

Drivers also need to remember that if they come upon a school bus with the stop arm out, it means "stop" - even on school grounds.

Parents can help students keep their minds on getting to and from school safely by making sure their children's hands are free and that all of their belongings are contained and not likely to fall out of a backpack.

If a child drops something, he or she will usually stop and pick it up, and that could be dangerous in the event of an oncoming car. A child's already small stature can be even more difficult to see if they are bent over picking up something they have dropped.

It's up to all of us to ensure that our children get to school and back safely. After all, they're our future.