It's time for the healing to begin

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By The Staff

The voters have spoken. There is to be no extra nickel paid to the Taylor County School District in annual property taxes.

That also means that, for now, Taylor County Elementary students will continue to attend class in an overcrowded building that leaks and has a continuing problem with mold and sewer issues.

School Board members have a decision to make. Will they try again? Or will they wait and hope that the state revisits its decision to categorize TCES as a category four school? If, indeed, the state changes its mind and changes TCES to a category five school, the Board could actually pass a non-recallable nickel tax and go ahead with its construction plans.

If TCES remains a category four school, however, the School Board could also undertake yet another campaign and try to change residents' minds - at least 132 of them, since that's all that separated the "Fors" from the "Againsts."

Taylor County School Superintendent Roger Cook says his attempt to secure better schools for his students isn't over. He also said he wouldn't give up, even if he is no longer the superintendent.

James DeWitt, one of the members of the petition committee, said he doesn't regret for a moment the effort it took to get the issue before voters. That was his whole intent, he said, simply to give the voters the choice.

He also said he would do it again if the need arises.

The most pressing need at the moment is to heal the divide that seems to have occurred in the community.

We all want what's best for our children.