It's time for a good spring cleaning

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By The Staff

Spring is in the air. March lilies are beginning to appear, birds are chirping and children are playing outside. Spring is a time for fresh beginnings.

It's also a time that many of us to do a thorough spring cleaning of our homes. And we should do that for our community as well.

This week is Commonwealth Cleanup Week, an annual weeklong event geared toward cleaning up Kentucky's communities. All across the state, groups are cleaning up roadsides and parks in their communities.

But here in Taylor County, it seems we're off to a slow start.

Solid Waste Coordinator Debbie McNear is hoping that groups will contact her and sign up to clean up a portion of Taylor County. However, as of last week, no one had signed up.

There are prizes being offered. Groups who participate are eligible to enter a cash drawing with three $500 prizes. To be eligible to enter, organizations must register with McNear's office and complete a cleanup project at some point during the week.

Groups can choose the area they would like to clean. However, McNear said, they should contact her and report the area they are cleaning to ensure that the same area isn't chosen by more than one group.

But this week isn't the only week that focuses on sprucing up the community.

The statewide PRIDE Spring Cleanup is scheduled for April 5-19 with the local effort planned for April 7-11. And during that week, the former Fruit of the Loom location open for those who want to dispose of unwanted items from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The image a community portrays has much to do with how it's perceived by others. And a neat, clean, well-cared for community will attract - and keep - visitors.

Let's all do our part ... for ourselves and our community.