It's our responsibility

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By The Staff

"All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all."

What would you do if a strange dog started to chase you? Approach it? Or retreat?

We vote for retreating.

And that's exactly what a mail carrier had to do on Gowdy Street in Campbellsville just last week. A not-so-friendly dog was loose on the street, and that kept residents who live there from having their mail delivered.

As the dog remains unclaimed at the animal shelter, one can only assume it's a stray. But someone owned the dog at one time and that person is responsible for it - whether they want to be or not.

And "responsibility" is the key word here.

Pet owners have a responsibility - to their pet and to other members of the community. The city has a leash law, requiring all dogs to be leashed when not on their owner's property. But even outside of the city limits, it's the only responsible thing to do.

But it's not just mail carriers who have to worry about loose dogs and the possibility of being bitten. What about meter readers? Repairmen? Or anyone else who might have to knock on a door?

Just as spaying and neutering our pets is a sign of responsible pet ownership, so is keeping them on our own property.

Many dogs are leery of strangers, and for good reason. Not everyone treats dogs as man's best friend.